More than Food | Greeting Card

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5x7 Giclee Greeting Card featuring an exclusive design from Professional Artist, Rebecca Bossi.

Rebecca Bossi is a professional artist who was born in Italy in the very-late '80s. As a kid, She dreamed to become a writer, teacher, cashier, psychologist, truck driver, traffic warden, rebel princess living in the woods, undertaker. Not an illustrator, because it didn't sound like a real job. Turns out she was wrong. She got involved in graphic design around 2004, and earned a degree as Graphic Designer in 2008 and and a degree in Illustration at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Turin in 2011. Website | Instagram | Facebook

5 x 7 Giclee Greeting Cards are printed with a Matte finish on Bright White, Acid Free 11 mill, 60lb 232 gsm, 100% alpha cellulose.